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Stock control inventory and Invoice management software

I wish to carry out a free test of the EasyForYou E-Commerce.
The Lite Version for invoicing is FREE.

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  • Why EasyForYou? Because the business management, inventory management, inventory and invoicing Lite version will allow you to use the software "Full-Options" for a demo period. This allows You to evaluate the different packages (see price-list).
  • The Lite version can be used for free (*) without any time restriction.
  • Included in the Lite Version (FOR FREE):
    Database management for your customers.
    The possibility to compose and print invoices, quotations and order forms.
    Calculate totals, taxes, profit margins and shipping weight.

With "Easy For You", you only need 10 Clicks to create a new document.
  • The possibility to compose and print an Invoice or any other document with only 10 mouse clicks.
  • For small companies, independent craftsmen and, a simple and user-friendly software to encode your price quotations, estimates, orders, invoices, cases etc.
    Transfer of a document towards another document in a click.
  • This software is Multilingual !
    You can use it in your own language and EasyForYou will automatically translate the documents into the language of your clients.
    (This software can translate the description of products or services)

"Easy For You" has different Packages

  • You only have to buy the package you need, so you can customise the program based on your own needs.
  • You can limit the cost by purchasing only what you need and what your budget can afford.

Import-export data from Excel

  • Import easily your products, customers or suppliers from an Excel Sheet
    (XLS, CSV, Compatible WOOCommerce, OSCommerce,...)

  • Compatible ExcelCompatible Excel

"Easy For You" manages PAYMENTS.

  • The "Not paid" button gives you real time information concerning unpaid invoices and customers debit balance.
  • Only one click to find the customers who owe you money.

Try for free the mobile version for Android

  • Do you want to discover the new inventory management and billing application for mobile phone or tablet?

  • Inventory Control For Mobile phone
    * This is a module form the EasyForYou software it requires the prior installation of the EasyForYou software

EasyForYou manages and generates automatically the remind letters

  • Many parameter settings (interests, dunning charges...) are possible for three levels of reminder.
  • It is possible to modify and parameterize the texts of the various Letter models

EasyForYou print or formats and sends its documents by e-mail (HTML or PDF).

  • With a simple click "Easy For You" converts any document (orders, invoices, price-offers,…) into PDF or HTML and sends it by E-mail to your collaborators, customers, or suppliers.
  • Insert your logo (JPG, GIF,...) in All your documents.

E-Commerce: your products available on the Web.

  • With "Easy For You" you can transfer your products on an E-Commerce web site which we place at your disposal.
  • E-Commerce example to present or sell your products on Internet

  • EasyForYou is also compatible with WooCommerce.
    It allows you to export all your products and import your orders from the famous open source shop.

  • Compatible WooCommerce

"Easy For You" finds the LAST PRICE!

  • With the sale of a product, "Easy For You" will find the last price charged for the product to the customer in question.
  • With the purchase of a product, "Easy For you" will inform you of the last price charged by the supplier.

"Easy For you" calculates your profit margin.

  • During the encoding of products into a document, EasyForYou calculates itemised profit margins for each product, as well as the average margin for All the products in the document.
  • Calculation of the sales turnover, lists and statistics per period, article or category, customer or supplier, sector or salesman, etc…

"Easy For You" can be managed at distance on the INTERNET!

  • Easy For You is a standalone software application!
    It is therefore possible to use it without Internet connection
    The data is stored on your computer.
    (But you can set a daily backup in the cloud)
    With the network module and an Internet connection, Easy For You can obviously be used from several remote computers.
    ( see FAQ n ° 9 )

"Easy For You" manages the import-export VAT (sales tax.)

  • State Tax and VAT rates can be adapted by "Easy For You".
  • Thanks to the update, you always have of the last corrective measures, the new functionality's in perfect conformity with the last technological developments and the adaptations in conformity with the last legal provisions.

"Easy For You" manages ASSEMBLED products.

  • The stock management functions can handle assembled or manufactured products.
  • For mechanics, it is possible to automatically add chassis numbers, plate numbers and other variables on the documents.

"Easy For You" manages commissions to sales personnel

  • "Easy For You" allows you to define a specific commission percentage specific to each product and sales person. You can also get real time commission reports, sorted by sales person, product, or customer.

"Easy For You" allows codes bars management

  • With the sale as for the purchases, the input of the product can be carried out using a laser scanner (codes bars).

Cash register for touchscreen

  • This POS system makes selling your products quickly and efficiently. This software can possibly be coupled with a touch screen! This module nned the categories module (EFYCATEGORY) to work and the image management module as option (EFYIMGDOC)

    Cash Register software (POS) for touch screen

EasyForYou manage the customer stock allocation for the supplier ordered products

The module “Allocation management” carries out the following operations automatically:

  • As of reception of the goods coming from your supplier, during the encoding of the quantity, EasyForYou show the list of customers having ordered specimens of the delivered product.
  • At This level, it is possible for you to allot the quantities for each open customer order.
  • After validation, EasyForYou automatically generates the deliveries notes or invoices (at your choice) and automatically encloses the entirely delivered orders.

"Easy For You" makes a backup automatically.

  • When you logon, our software automatically creates a daily backup of All your operations from the day before.

"Easy For You" has been in use since 1992!

  • A DOS version of Easy has been marketed since 1992. A New version is now available for the Windows operating system.