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Welcome to the EasyForYou Software Dealers area

Conditions to become a dealer
  • Send an email from your current address

  • If you havea web-site, place a banner and/or present EasyForYou on your Web Site.

  • If you like EFY, you can click here to burn your own CD-ROM

  • Following your emailed request, you will receive an activation number one week later.

  • From the first sale generated on a new customer:
    - At the End of the calendar month, you will receive a commission of 30%.
    - You will also receive provisional licences (valid for 3 months) of EFY for your personal use.
    - To stay as reseller, you must perform at least one sale per year.

    No commission for the modules of sutch as formations or helpdesk or on the material where the profit margins is too weak.


If you havea web-site, choose an EFY banner and add the link integrating your activation number, which will enable us to recall your sales.

(*) =?????????

To start the EFY Web-Site in the language of your choice, you can also include the parameter "LANG" in the link in the following syntax:


(Valid parameters - > FR=French NL=Deutsch EN=English DE=German SP=Spanish IT=Italian)


Customers surfing on your Web Site that click on the EFY banner will be direct redirected to
The activation number is set on the surfing customers PC when they click on your banner, this remains on the PC (Cookie).
Each click on your implemented banner is recorded in a database and can be consulted in our on-line statistics page.
When one of your customers downloads and installs the demo version, he will need an activation number to print its documents, YOUR activation number will be transmitted to him and to you and it will be preserved in the statistic database to recall your sales.
You will also receive a copy of their activation request by e-mail.
Each successful installation of our software is recorded in the database and can be consulted in our on-line statistics page.

If your customer carries out an on-line order, thanks to the activation number, his order will be indexed on our premises as being that of YOUR customer.
You receive by e-mail a copy of its order.

Payment of the commissions

At the end of each calendar month, you will receive by e-mail a commission notification summary of the paid orders of your customers.
At this time you can send to us an invoice for the total amount of the commission due.
This invoice is paid on receipt, we are unable to process commission without your commercial invoice.
If the total amount of the commission is lower than 50 EUR, the amount is deferred and cumulated at the next month.

(*) In this text, replace ????????? with your own activation number.

Good luck and Kinds regards.

Jean-Claude Ponslet

Available banners to promote EASYFORYOU (Please ask me by e-mail a banner in a specific language).

Material to burn your own CD-ROM (dont forget to write YOUR activation number on the back site of the box)

To burn CD-ROM's you need :

1) Make a temp folder, for example C:\CD-ROM-Easyforyou.
2) Download here the entire easyforyou software in your temp folder and after download, rename the file to easyforyou2.exe
3) Download here and UNZIP the additional files (autorun etc...) in your temp folder.
4) Edit the cdkey.txt file and in the text EFY-6190, replace the number EFY-6190 by YOUR OWN ACTIVATION NUMBER (6 digits EFY-??????).
5) Check the contents of the folder and burn the 5 files in the ROOT of a new CD-R


5) Download here the files for printing on your jewel case and CD-R

Dont forget to write your activation number on the back side of the jewel-case !
Now your CD-ROM is ready to give to your customer.

Note only for EXCLUSIVE dealers for one specific country:

Procedure to obtain the 4 digits code to obtain your commission:
From now you can start the free customer demo :

Show at least these few important steps:
  1. Add a new customer and is address data
  2. Add a new product, input the purchase price and sale prices
  3. Search a product by name (Advanced Search)
  4. Create a new Document (Order, Invoice….)
  5. Copy a document to another (for example copy a order to the invoice)
  6. Print or Preview a document
  7. Go to the Menu->List->Product->OK
  8. Go to the Menu->List->Documents->OK
  9. Go to the Menu->List->Movements->OK
As all these points were explained (at least once clicked).
Return to the Menu File->Customer searches again the REG customer.
Click again in the field ‘secondary Code’. A code of 4 characters will appear.
(If the code is not visible or you the code contain 1111 or 0000, this is not the right code. Because you have forgotten one of the 9 above steps)
For each trial performed, the dealer will send the code of 4 characters per email to the head office from EasyForYou with the name of the customer (see the Menu File->Company->Name).
In case the customer buys the software you will get your full commission percentage.